The French Area of Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication presents:

Join us this year for an exploration of this important region, virtually absent from US media and education. Events are in English, except where noted; films have English subtitles.

Introduction to Central Africa. A lively introduction to the eight contemporary nations in Central Africa that have colonial connections to France and Belgium: politics, history, film, music and more. September 11, 12:00 PM, UC 310


La Victoire en chantant (Black and White in Color), dir. Jean-Jacques Annaud (1977). A satirical look at colonialism. It’s World War I: how do the French get their African subjects to go out and kill their neighbors, who happen to be subjects of the German Empire?
September 28, 7:00 PM; place TBA


AFST 212 Introduction to African History: TuTh 10:00-11:15

AFST 213 Africa: Culture and Development: MoWe 5:30-6:45

MLL 230 World Language Communities: TuTh 11:30-12:45


Bilingualism in Gabon, Renée Lambert-Brétière (UMBC). September 21, 11:30 AM, Sherman 150

The Trouble with the Congo, Severine Autesserre (Columbia U.). A prize-winning expert on peacebuilding and humanitarian aid explains why international efforts to end the Great War of Africa, the deadliest international conflict since World War II, necessarily failed.
October 11, 4:00 PM, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture

Language Choice in Post-Colonial Cameroon, Renée Lambert-Brétière (UMBC).
October 19, 11:30 AM, Sherman 150


Lumumba, dir. Raoul Peck (2000). A gripping biography of the rise and fall of the most striking personality in the Congo’s struggle against Belgian colonialism. October 24, 7:00 PM; Fine Arts 215

Tsofa, dir. Rufin Mbou Mikima (2012). A prize-winning film on the destiny of a group of Central Africans who are recruited as taxi drivers and transported to Romania: their relationships with the locals, their problems with the authorities, and their difficult return to Africa unfold in surprising ways.  November 8, 7:00 PM; Fine Arts 215


Language and Politics in Rwanda, Tania Lizarazo Moreno (UMBC), Tuesday, February 20, 11:30, Fine Arts 459

Migrations, Colonization, and the Emergence of Vehicular Languages in the Congo Basin: the Case of Lingala, Jean-Michel Mabeko-Tali (Howard U.), Tuesday, April 17, 4:00 PM, Sherman 011


AFST 211 Introduction to Modern Africa

AFST 213 Africa: Culture and Development

AFST 439 Women in Africa and the Diaspora

MLL 230 World Language Communities

MLL 250 Introduction to the French-Speaking World


Munyurangabo, dir. Lee Isaac Chung (2009). Two boys from opposite sides of the Rwandan genocide start out on a quest to kill a man. This film won numerous awards and is the first ever to be shot in the Kinyarwanda language.  Thursday, March 1, 7:00 PM, Fine Arts 001


Daratt (Dry Season), dir. Mahamat Saleh Haroun (2007). In the aftermath of civil war in Chad, a boy is sent on a mission to kill the person responsible for his father's death. A prize-winning film from a remarkable African director. Wednesday, March 28, 7:00 PM, Fine Arts 215



Born This Way, dir. Shaun Kadlec and Deb Tullman (2013).  An award-winning documentary on the challenges that face gays in Cameroon, where they are more likely to be arrested than nearly anywhere else. Monday, May 7, 7:00 PM, Fine Arts 215


Refugees and Immigrants: Central Africans Speak (in English and French). First-hand accounts of life in Central Africa. Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 PM, Fine Arts 215


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